Terms & Conditions


Terms of Rent

Driving license: The driver’s license for the rented car must have been issued at least one year before the rental date.
EazyRent in Greece may, under the law, accept a National Driving License if the driver is in possession of a driving license issued by the countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Greece, Estonia, United Kingdom Ireland, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Czech Republic & Finland.
EazyRent in Greece may, in accordance with the law, accept a National Driving License, provided that it is Latin characters if the driver is in possession of a driving license issued by the following countries: Azerbaijan, Ivory Coast, Albania, Armenia, Venezuela, Vietnam, Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Georgia, Ghana, Guyana, Central African Republic, Ecuador, United Arab Emirates, Zimbabwe, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Iraq, Israel, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan , Congo, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ukraine, Ukraine, Uruguay, Pakistan, Peru, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Russia, the Republic of Moldova, the Republic of Moldova, the Republic of Moldova, the Republic of Moldova, the Republic of Moldova, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Tunisia, the Philippines & Chile.
The International Driving License is required by law if the driver is in possession of a driving license issued by the countries: Australia, North Korea, United States of America, Japan, Canada, China etc. The International Driving License must be accompanied by the driving license of the country of the driver.
Additional Driver: The charge for the use of the car by additional drivers is € 4 per day with a maximum charge of € 40 plus VAT per rental contract per driver.
Fuels: Fuels are the sole responsibility of the renter.
Outbound Lease: It is strictly forbidden to take the EazyRent cars outside the Greek borders.
Boat Transport: It is forbidden to load the vehicles on board without the written consent of EazyRent.

The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same
Insurance Coverage : Your offer will include basic insurance. You can add extra covers if needed. Just ask it from us when you pick up your car or even by phone before. All EazyRent vehicles are covered for civil liability to third parties as required by law. This is included in your rental price.  CDW:  In general, most rental rates include vehicle damage coverage . If it is not already included in your rental price, then there would be a cost of crash loss. You can confirm what is included in your rental price when booking or by selecting the additional CDW coverage. If your rental does not cover you with a loss compensation allowance, then you will be responsible for the repair cost up to the replacement value of the car, whether you are to blame for  the accident or not. If you are covered with insurance damage exemption in the event of a collision, then you will need to pay only the extra amount to cover the repair costs, regardless of whether you are the one to blame or not.
Payment Method: A credit card is always required for every car rental, as a guarantee, even if the tenant pays the rent in cash. The EazyRent website offers the possibility of online prepayment by card. This card must be owned by the main driver, who must have it with him when the car is picked up. If this card is NOT credit, then when picking up the car, the driver must additionally display a personal credit card, which will be used as a guarantee.
Credit Card Amount / Debbit Card Amount: Estimated rental amount and extra up to € 100 must be approved by your credit card at the time of rental. This amount will no longer be available for immediate use on your card, and it may take up to 14 days for your card to be debited, depending on your bank. We are not responsible for the time it takes for your bank to complete the release of the money. We will take no responsibility for any bank charges or bank charges associated with this process.
Driver’s Age: The minimum age for the car rental is 21 years old. Drivers up to 25 years old can only drive the categories of Eco and Economy.For all the other categories the driver must be over 25 years old.
Kilometer Limit: All “one day” or “two days” rentals give 200 kilometers free of charge per day. If this limit is exceeded then there will be a charge for every additional Kilometer. All rentals of 3 days or more give unlimited miles.
Traffic Offenses: The tenant assumes full liability for road traffic offenses and pays the corresponding fines and management fees of € 30, plus VAT.
Receive & Return of the car: The return of the car to a station other than the contract specified in the lease, is charged to € 10, plus VAT. In addition, the kilometers difference between the two stations is charged at € 0.75 per kilometer, plus VAT.
Deliveries outside working hours: Car rentals outside working hours are made upon prior arrangement and the charge is € 20 plus VAT.
Invalid fee for non-receipt of the car. Charge for the non-receipt of a car is only possible for prepaid reservations and is described in details in the reservation terms. Payments at the Station are subject to a cancellation fee.

Booking conditions

The online booking allows you to book a vehicle and additional products,  “pickup” a vehicle at a specific time, date and location and for the agreed rental period. You must meet the rental conditions. You must agree and sign a lease.

Payment by Deposit or Payment at the Rental Station
Using the ‘Pay now’ booking, you can pay for the rental or additional products when booking. You can not prepay for all of our additional products. The products that can not be prepaid online when booking are subject to the “Pay at the station” and will be paid directly to the rental station.

Modify / Cancel a Reservation  You can change or cancel your reservation (whether it’s a Deposit Payment or a Pay In the Station reservation) at any time before the day you are picking up the vehicle, calling Customer Service or managing your booking online ( if possible). You may be able to change or cancel your booking on the day of the receipt, but you will need to check it with EazyRent Customer Service. We will send you a new booking confirmation email confirming your new reservation details and the new amount of the rental or the acceptance of your cancellation. In cases of cancellations on the day of picking the car up, in case of a bank deposit, a 50%  of the rental amount may be withheld.

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